Our Staff

College Leadership Team

Principal: Rod Whelan
For all correspondence, please contact the Senior Office Manager, Christine Gall: (02) 6761 0800 cgall@arm.catholic.edu.au 
Assistant Principal – Curriculum: Sally Sparke ssparke@arm.catholic.edu.au
Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care: Michael Larkin mlarkin@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Pedagogy: Briony Martin bmartin1@arm.catholic.edu.au 
Leader of Pedagogy: Stephen Lawson slawson@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Student Wellbeing: Sharon Stuart sstuart@arm.catholic.edu.au
Senior Office Manager: Christine Gall cgall@arm.catholic.edu.au

Leaders of Student Care

Siena: Fiona O’Neill foneill@arm.catholic.edu.au
Assisi: Jonathan Dean jdean1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Mackillop: Melissa Bearup mbearup@arm.catholic.edu.au
Dominic: Bernie Williams bwilliams1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Rice: Dane Kelly dkelly2@arm.catholic.edu.au
Chisholm: Melissa Lees mlees@arm.catholic.edu.au

Leaders of Learning

English: Heather Burke hburke1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Mathematics: Tim Godden tgodden@arm.catholic.edu.au
Science: James Vella jvella@arm.catholic.edu.au
HSIE: Louise Vella lvella@arm.catholic.edu.au
Creative Arts & Languages: Donna Swan dswan@arm.catholic.edu.au
TAS: James Vella & Jennifer Jack jvella@arm.catholic.edu.au jjack@arm.catholic.edu.au
PDHPE: Ashleigh Jones ajones1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Religious Education: Cate Allen callen@arm.catholic.edu.au

Other Positions of Responsibility

Leader of Inclusion Support: Kylie Mulholland
College Psychologists: Tamara Shoemark, Aimee Cook mccthrive@arm.catholic.edu.au
Learning Technology Coordinator: Wayne Northey wnorthey@arm.catholic.edu.au
Sport Coordinator: Brad Mitchell bmitche1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Librarians: Elizabeth Laird & Susan Barrett
elaird@arm.catholic.edu.au sbarrett@arm.catholic.edu.au
Careers Advisor’s: Susan Barrett & Raelee Balderston
VET Coordinator’s: Julie Kellahan & Raelee Balderston
jkellahan@arm.catholic.edu.au  rbalerston@arm.catholic.edu.au
Canteen Supervisor: 

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff Email: mccadmin@arm.catholic.edu.au

Support Staff

Administration & Finance Staff:
Bronwyn Bell bbell2@arm.catholic.edu.au
Stephanie Briley sbriley@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leah Jones ljones6@arm.catholic.edu.au 
Cassie Gardiner cgardin2@arm.catholic.edu.au
Belinda Gleeson-Barker bgleeson@arm.catholic.edu.au
Martina Hutchinson mhutchinson@arm.catholic.edu.au
Tracey Patterson tpatterson1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Carmel Whelan cwhelan@arm.catholic.edu.au

Information Technology Support: Chris Thompson, Mitch Ebert, Joshua Viertel
Student Support Teachers: Lynette Maio, Kaysha Gale
Student Support Educational Assistants: Louise Byrne, Geoff Denton, Gail Jeffriess, Samantha Cox, Megan Dunn, Frances Tyler-Vine, Thomas Frew
Aboriginal Education Workers: Lisa Smith, Madeleine Simmonds-Cutts, Melanie Lamb
Learning and Wellbeing Support Assistants: Denham Harry, Paige Berthold
Student Welfare Officer: Emily Klepzig
Library & Bookroom Assistants: Josie Cox, Kay Wieland
Food Technology Assistant: Inga Potter
Science Laboratory Assistant: Kerry Adams
Grounds / Maintenance: Brad Welsh, Michael Herden
Farm Assistant: Janelle Franklin
Canteen Assistants: Jenny Ayres, Angela Berton