Our Staff

College Leadership Team

Principal: Geoff McManus gmcmanus@arm.catholic.edu.au
To book a meeting with the Principal, please contact is the Principal’s Assistant, Christine Gall: (02) 6761 0800 cgall@arm.catholic.edu.au

Assistant Principal – Curriculum: Sally Sparke ssparke@arm.catholic.edu.au
Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care: Michael Larkin mlarkin@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Mission, Spiritual Formation and Religious Education: Cate Allen callen@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Pedagogy: Briony Martin bmartin1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Teaching and Learning: Raelene Maxworthy rmaxworthy@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leader of Student Wellbeing: Sharon Stuart sstuart@arm.catholic.edu.au

Leaders of Student Care

Year 7: Melissa Bearup mbearup@arm.catholic.edu.au
Year 8: Bernie Williams bwilliams1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Year 9: Andrew Davy adavy@arm.catholic.edu.au
Year 10: Michelle Gale mgale@arm.catholic.edu.au
Year 11: Fiona O’Neill foneill@arm.catholic.edu.au
Year 12: Damian Kenniff dkenniff@arm.catholic.edu.au

Leaders of Learning

English: Heather Burke hburke1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Mathematics: Tim Godden tgodden@arm.catholic.edu.au
Science: James Vella jvella@arm.catholic.edu.au
HSIE: Louise Vella lvella@arm.catholic.edu.au
Creative Arts & Languages: Deborah Fulwood dfulwood@arm.catholic.edu.au
TAS: Suzanne Day sday@arm.catholic.edu.au
PDHPE: Ashleigh Jones ajones1@arm.catholic.edu.au

Other Positions of Responsibility

Counsellors: Tamara Shoemark, Aimee Cook mccthrive@arm.catholic.edu.au
Administration Coordinator: Tracey Bradbery tbradbery@arm.catholic.edu.au
Learning Technology Coordinator: Wayne Northey wnorthey@arm.catholic.edu.au
Sport Coordinator: Brad Mitchell bmitche1@arm.catholic.edu.au
Librarian: Susan Barrett sbarrett@arm.catholic.edu.au
Careers Adviser: Susan Barrett mcccareers@arm.catholic.edu.au
VET Coordinator: Julie Kellahan jkellahan@arm.catholic.edu.au

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff Email: mccadmin@arm.catholic.edu.au

Kerry Ackhurst, Cate Allen, Nicole Anderson, Deanne Battistuzzi, Melissa Bearup, Erin Bice, Tracey Bradbery, Natahlia Bryant, Heather Burke, Jane Burt, Chloe Bushell, Sophie Cottrell, Melissa Davis, Andrew Davy, Suzanne Day, Natalie Deacon, Jonathan Dean, Deborah Fulwood, Michelle Gale, Melissa Gamble, Kate Godden, Tim Godden, Rebecca Hannan, Katherine Harvey, Julie Hodges, Ashleigh Jones, Julie Kellahan, Dane Kelly, Damian Kenniff, Tanya Laird, Melissa Lees, Wade Leu, Briony Martin, Raelene Maxworthy, John McCullough, Ian McKenzie, Geoff McManus, Paul McNeill, Rob Meppem, Brad Mitchell, Oriane Monet, Shaun Nichols, Wayne Northey, Fiona O’Neill, Ronny Rindo, Lauren Ryan, Kerrie Sanson, Felicity Sawtell, Sarah Sommerlad, Kara Spicer, Sharon Stuart, Kate Sullivan, Donna Swan, Kathy Thompson, Melanie Thompson, James Vella, Louise Vella, Bernie Williams, Andrea Woods, Amelia Woolaston

Support Staff

Senior Office Manager & Assistant to Principal:
Christine Gall cgall@arm.catholic.edu.au

Administration & Finance Staff:
Bronwyn Bell bbell2@arm.catholic.edu.au
Leah Jones ljones6@arm.catholic.edu.au
Belinda Gleeson-Barker bgleeson@arm.catholic.edu.au
Sophie Maher smaher3@arm.catholic.edu.au

Donna Forrest – Administration – Finance dforrest@arm.catholic.edu.au
Lisa Sutherland – Administration – Fees lsutherl@arm.catholic.edu.au

Information Technology Support: Chris Thompson and Tom Rindo
Student Support Teacher: Andrea Woods
Student Support Educational Assistants: Louise Byrne, Geoff Denton, Gail Jeffriess
Aboriginal Education Workers: Joelene Faint, Lisa Smith, Madeleine Simmonds-Cutts
Student Welfare Officer: Lesley O’Shea
Library & Bookroom Assistants: Janet Nolan, Kay Wieland
Food Technology Assistant: Inga Potter
Science Laboratory Assistant: Kerry Adams
Groundsmen / Maintenance: Ned Forrest and Michael Herden
Farm Assistant: Des Le Brocq