Mission and Formation

The Dominican Sisters and the Christian Brothers

Our College is founded on the dual charisms of the Dominican Sisters and Christian Brothers and as such is animated by two complementary sets of principles. From the Dominicans, we have inherited and continue to preserve the pillars of prayer, study, community and service and through our links with Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers we are heirs to the practices and qualities of ‘presence’, ‘compassion’ and ‘liberation’.


Liturgy is central to the faith life of our community and forms the basis of our connection with Christ and his Church.

Religious Education

All students are required to study Religious Education. This is a key learning area in our College and plays an integral role in the faith formation and moral development of our students.


Serving others in need features highly in both the Dominican and Edmund Rice charisms and in keeping with this heritage there is a strong focus on students and staff involvement in service and charity activities such as Caritas, Childrens’ Mission and St Vincent de Paul.