Inclusion Support and EAL/D

Inclusion Support performs the vital role of support, guidance and assistance for students with specific learning differences and disabilities within the College.

Inclusion Support takes the form of specific programs, as well as group and individual assistance. McCarthy Catholic College, Inclusion Support Staff provide a variety of support for the diverse learning population at the College. Our Support Staff understand that each student is unique. Consequently, they collaborate regularly with the teachers and parents to achieve the best possible outcomes for these individuals.

Similarly, students for whom English is an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) require specific support to build the English language skills required for effective communication and access to the curriculum. In Australian schools, learning is accessed through English, and achievement is demonstrated through English. Each area of the curriculum has language structures and vocabulary particular to its learning domain, and these are best taught in the context in which they are used. Our teachers understand that they are responsible for teaching the language and literacy demands of their learning areas. The College also offers targeted case management for EAL/D students on a needs basis within the limited funding ratios.

For more information on Inclusion Support or EAL/D, please contact our Inclusion Support team at the College.