Parents Resource Library

The Parent Resource Library was an initiative developed in 2008 by the Parents Association. The library was developed to provide information to parents that is relevant to living with teenagers. Parents face many challenges through their children’s teenage years and it can sometimes be overwhelming. The Resource Library is a support tool for parents.

Copies of the following information packs are available at the front office of the school:

Celebrating Safely

This pack provides fact sheets on ways to help your teenagers celebrate (party) safely. It also talks about hosting parties, making decisions about parties, information on alcohol consumption, how to avoid gatecrashers plus a Parents Guide on Teenagers and Alcohol. This is also the party notification form that can be lodged with the local Police if you are hosting a party.

Driving Safely

This pack gives parents information on life with a teenage driver. It contains practical advice on drink driving, NRMA Free to Go membership details and general information on young drivers and risks.


This is an informative pack which talks about the real dangers of cyber bullying, internet safety and common problems with mobile phones and mobile phone bullying. There is also a handy Internet Acronyms sheet to help you understand the ‘new’ language plus a list of useful websites.


Also available for loan only are the following DVDs:

1. Bully Free DVD – Provides anti bullying strategies to allow you to take control of bullying. It also provides heaps of tips, advice and guidance in dealing with bullying. This DVD is suitable for parents and students.

2. Cyber-safety DVD – Provides case studies of everyday situations that can turn into trouble. It is a very informative DVD for both parents and students.