Family Support Group (FSG)

A group of interested parents established the Family Fund. The fund aims to provide material support to families of students at McCarthy who may be in need of assistance at various stages throughout the year.

A number of events will be held each year to build a pool of funds for purchasing uniforms, text books, groceries and vouchers for distribution by the Pastoral Care Coordinator.

Families in need of support are determined by the College Pastoral Care Coordinator or Principal, who are responsible for pastoral support to members of the College community.

All support is treated with utmost confidentiality and no members of the Family Support Group have knowledge of recipients of the support. The fund will be accessible only by the Pastoral Care Coordinator and the Principal/Assistant Principal.

Parent participation is encouraged in the following areas:

  • Assisting with fundraising efforts
  • Cooking meals to be frozen and placed in a freezer at the College
  • Donations (e.g. uniforms, food, gifts, monies, etc.)

Whilst a range of welfare agencies exist in Tamworth, the FSG offers support on a level that cannot be accessed elsewhere. It enables us to provide ground level assistance in times of bereavement, loss of employment, emergency, and general hardship.

Service is one of the three fundamental elements of our College motto. Staff and students work actively in a genuine commitment to service in our school and wider community.

The FSG provides an opportunity for parents to be more involved in the school community through service to others.

For further information please contact the Principal, Mrs Geoff McManus (6761 0800).
Some examples of material support offered by the College to families in recent years include:
  • Provision of meals following severe illness (cancer treatments, etc.) and following the death of a parent/spouse
  • Provision of meals and clothing following the loss of a home to fire and flooding.
  • Provision of grocery items, uniform vouchers and petrol vouchers immediately following family crises

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