Work Experience Policy

At McCarthy Catholic College work experience is NOT compulsory and there is no time set aside specifically at school for block work experience.


Work experience is offered to students primarily in the following situations:

  • students seeking apprenticeships where experience will help them focus on career options and assist their chances of successfully making the transition from school to work
  • students seeking to do university study in areas such as health and communications where work experience enhances their prospects in gaining entry to these university courses.
  • students genuinely wishing to explore career options in careers or industries where appropriate


The school would prefer students to do work experience in their school holidays where possible as school work, assessment tasks and examinations take priority. Only in special circumstances can it be done during school time.


Students, who wish to do work experience and meet the above requirements, may do this during Year 10 or in Years 11 or 12. Any request by younger students will be considered on its merits and permission may be granted. Work experience has to be a time that suits all stakeholders.


Students intending to do work experience:

  • must be at least 14 years old
  • must first complete the Application to do Work Experience form available on the door of the Careers Adviser’s Office and then see me to discuss their plans to see if they meet the school’s guidelines
  • are responsible for finding an employer for their work experience and arranging suitable dates with the employer before seeing me to start the paperwork
  • are encouraged to do work experience in school holidays.  If school time is involved, students are not to miss assessment tasks, exams or any other events the staff regard as having priority.
  • must ensure ALL paperwork is satisfactorily completed and returned before the end of the week prior to  work experience beginning.  This can take a considerable amount of time so allow at least one week getting this completed.
  • must realize that work experience cannot go ahead until all the paperwork is done as all parties need to be legally covered ie student, employer, parent/guardian and the school.
  • must not accept payment during/for their period of work experience as this has implications for their work experience insurance cover
  • must apply to the CEC NSW for permission if working with animals is involved
  • must have completed the OHS General Induction for Construction Work in NSW course before doing any work experience requiring access to a construction site including houses under construction and carpentry workshops.


Susan Barrett,

Careers Adviser.