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TAFE offers over 1200 courses in many locations as a very cost effective way of obtaining qualifications at Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma levels. TAFE has a location here in Tamworth. Phone 1800 448 176

TAFE courses are mainly more vocational and hands-on rather than academic and theoretical.

TAFE qualifications are linked to employment, apprenticeships, traineeships and may be used to gain entry to university. More and more people are looking at combining TAFE study and university together. By the time you have your degree, you will have gained good experience and a qualification for less cost than 3 or 4 years at university. Your HECS bill will be lower than someone who attended university for the entire duration of their studies.


1) There is an application process for popular TAFE courses which are in high demand. The applications must be received by the end of October for the following year. This is not for all TAFE courses. Any course which requires early applications, will be clearly marked in the TAFE book or on the website.  Applications can be done online.
2) Enrolment for all other TAFE courses is generally at the end of January.

3) Enrolment at each TAFE Institute can vary as to closing dates and procedures. Please check the details at the TAFE website for the campus you want to attend.


Before the end of October if you do not think you will get an ATAR high enough to get a uni offer, good advice is to find a course at TAFE and apply in October to guarantee you have a course to do in February the next year.
However, if you do not get into uni and did not apply to get into the popular high demand Certificate IV or Diploma courses at TAFE, you might find your options very limited.