Useful Info for When You Leave School

New School Leaving Age

Students in NSW who are under 17 are required by law to be either earning or learning or a combination of these.  This means you can leave school if you are under 17 if you:

  • have a full time job such as an apprenticeship  OR
  • are studying full time at TAFE  OR
  • working part time and studying part time.

Here is a list of things you may need or like to do whether you leave after Year 10, 11 or 12:

What to do How to do it
Enrol to vote Get forms from the Post Office after you turn 18
Open your own personal bank account Visit the local branch of your chosen bank or credit union to discuss the type of account you need
Medicare – apply for your own card if needed Go to your Medicare office if needed
Private medical cover and ambulance cover Go to the private health fund of your choice if needed
Get a passport if travelling overseas
Get a copy of your full Birth Certificate**** Essential
Visit Centrelink to discuss your needs if studying or job hunting or to find out if you are entitled to assistance
For problems renting accommodation, buying a car or goods (eg mobiles) contact the Dept of Fair Trading
Get a Tax File Number before you start earning or studying at university etc Get forms from the Post Office or the office at school or from
Get your driver’s license or form of ID
Make a will once you turn 18 See a solicitor or public trustee
Think of becoming a blood donor or organ donor Use the phone book or internet to find contact details